Planning Guidelines for Coleshill Parish Council - 1st draft

Coleshill Parish Council would welcome residents thoughts and comments. on the document below.
Please email your responses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you prefer you can post details in the post-box at the side of the Village Hall.
Purpose: Communicate which aspects of proposed developments will be commented on by Coleshill Parish Council as statutory consultees on planning applications within the Parish boundaries, and to provide a checklist for councillors representing the village community
For many years (pre-1995) parish councils have been statutory consultees, permitted to comment on local planning applications and submit such comments to Buckinghamshire Council Planning dept.
The Buckinghamshire Council (BC) planning dept are especially interested in parish councils’ local knowledge that they do not necessarily know or will note on a site visit. Photographs of specific issues are appreciated where appropriate and visible from public land. 
In our local council, all councillors receive a list of weekly planning applications. A sub group of councillors review the applications each week. 
As applications are made ad hoc, formal council meetings are not always in sync with response deadlines. The current approach is to co-ordinate views in the run up to formal meetings with the outcome recorded during the Meeting. During the formal Parish Council meetings, comments on planning applications are formally adopted and recorded. 
The comments are submitted onto BC planning website.
Councillors declare any interests, and also may decline to comment. 
Coleshill Parish Council does not make the decision on planning applications, that responsibility lies with Buckinghamshire Council (BC) planning dept. The parish council is a statutory consultee.  meaning they are informed of all planning applications within the parish. The parish council cannot accept or reject applications, but can make a comment in the same way individuals can comment.
Additionally, since July 2021 parish councils have been permitted to call-in an application if they wish it to go to a planning committee. A call-in means the application will be heard by the Buckinghamshire Council planning committee and interested parties will be given a few minutes to verbally to express their view to the committee. 
Neighbour notifications and the display of yellow planning notices are the responsibility of BC planning dept. 
Below are the current thoughts of Coleshill Parish Council in terms of what is potentially an impactful application and therefore where Council plans to focus time and make a submission to Buckinghamshire Council Planning Dept. 
 Guiding Principles
Coleshill Parish Council want to support the residents of Coleshill in retaining the rich architectural heritage of our diverse village street scenes of buildings, accesses and land, whilst respecting the wishes of residents who want to improve their homes or develop their sites.
The comments will be mostly concerned with aspects of the development that are road facing.
Comments will be made on applications for: 
New dwellings
Significant extensions 
Smaller extensions that impact the neighbouring street scene
Changes to house frontages within the conservation area
Buildings/Extensions that potentially could lead to 
  •    loss of light/privacy 
  •    decrease the amount of openness around the village
Any aspects that may detract from the amenity or activities of the village. 
  •    Noise
  •    Traffic flow 
Not all aspects of the application will necessarily be considered by Coleshill Parish Council as comments will be focused on the impact the application may have on the 
  • village street scenes
  • village activities 
Coleshill Parish Council are primarily concerned with the aesthetics of the proposed building and its boundary treatment in relation to other properties along the same street.
Location. The plot or site must be suitable for the development, e.g type of dwelling, extension, or business being proposed. 
Siting within plot. The proposed building works should sit well in its plot. Allowing for openness as appropriate to the site and not significantly decreasing the openness. 
Bulk. This relates to the size & scale of the property in relation to neighbouring properties, width, roof height and depth, basement proposals.
Form. The shape of the property, e.g square, rectangular, 2 story/ single story, following boundary lines etc, breaks in frontage e.g porches, dormer windows. Rooflines.
Architecture should be relevant to neighbouring property, and ideally reflect local materials, or traditions, or heritage. Considerations are architectural style, detailing, window size and shapes.
Coleshill Parish Council will base their comments in line with current government and local guiding policies. 
Reasons for comment will be based on material planning considerations, examples of which are given below, 
• Parking
• Highway safety
• Traffic
• Noise
• Effect on listed building and conservation area
• Layout and density of building
• Design, appearance and materials
• Government policy
• Disabled persons' access
• Proposals in the Development Plan
• Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)
• Nature conservation
Coleshill Parish Council will take a view, based on current Government legislation on Green Belt and AONB,  and policies such as national design guides, believing the village should be made up of well-designed buildings that are carefully integrated with their surrounding external space, designed to respond to local character. 
National Design Guide Jan 2021 Section H2.
currently the Adopted Chiltern Local Plan 1997 and Adopted Core Strategy 2011, Green Belt and AONB guidelines. National Design Plan Jan 2021. National Planning Policy Framework July 2021.