January update - The Government has recommended that outdoor gyms close however the outdoor gym at the Jack Adams Field is difficult to close off. The Parish Council have looked at the guidance issued and provided that all users take the proper precautions, see below, then residents can carry on making use of the equipment for exercise:

• take cleaning materials to clean the equipment before and after use.
• Use hand sanitiser after using each piece of equipment.
• Only one person at a time should be using the outdoor gym area.
• Where a face mask when appropriate.
• the outdoor gym must not be used as a meeting place.

The Play Trail & Outdoor Gym at the Jack Adams Field on Tower Road and the Play Area at Hill Meadow are now re-opened. Please read the instructions before visiting.

Instructions for using the Play Areas & Outdoor Gym


Coleshill Community Responders

With the coronavirus affecting all of our lives many of us will be self isolating in our homes. A volunteer group has been set up to help with shopping, prescriptions, keeping in touch with people.

If you need help or would like to volunteer please click on the link below for more information:

Coleshill Community responders


Government Help Site

The Government has a dedicated webpage on advice and information on the Coronavirus. To view click on the link below:



Full guidance on staying at home and away from others


Buckinghamshire Council has also put information on their new website relating to information affecting the County and how to get help from their services, to view click on the link below:

Buckinghamshire Council Coronavirus Information

Self isolating window poster

High risk window poster


Making Face coverings at home

Simple face covering instructions inc. pattern

Complex face covering instructions

Complex face covering pattern