This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name State Country Latitude/ Longitude
- - [P0233]  
A Adstock [P0296]  
  Aldbury Rowsham Bucks [P0219]  
  Alkham, Kent [P0035]  
  Ambelden [P0412]  
  Amersham [P0002]  
  Amersham Bucks [P0043]  
  Amersham Common [P0203]  
  Ampthill, Beds [P0054]  
  Argentine Republic [P0038]  
  ARL Thontian [P0401]  
  Askett [P0214]  
  ASS Fast [P0535]  
  Aston Sandford [P0329]  
  Atcham [P0628]  
  Aylesbury [P0400]  
B Backabury [P0521]  
  Basingstoke [P0636]  
  Basingstoke Hants [P0016]  
  Bath [P0596]  
  Bath, Bathwick, Somerset [P0146]  
  Battersea [P0062]  
  BDF Houghton Conquest [P0472]  
  BDF Leighton Buzzard [P0438]  
  Beaconsfield [P0034]  
  Beamond End [P0262]  
  Beds, Ampthal [P0462]  
  BEK Binfield [P0368]  
  BEK Maidenhead [P0304]  
  BEK Reading [P0586]  
  Bengeo, Herts [P0109]  
  Berkhampstead [P0625]  
  Berkshire Great Shefford [P0042]  
  Berks, Hungerford [P0192]  
  Berks, Maidenhead [P0477]  
  Berks, Reading [P0415]  
  Berks, Tilehurst [P0468]  
  Bethnal Green, London [P0452]  
  Bicester [P0634]  
  Birmingham Warwick [P0133]  
  Bisley Surrey [P0089]  
  BKM Amersham [P0156]  
  BKM Amershan [P0322]  
  BKM Beaconsfield [P0186]  
  BKM Brill [P0571]  
  BKM Chalfont S. Peter [P0225]  
  BKM Chalfont St Gile [P0419]  
  BKM Chalfont St Giles [P0171]  
  BKM Chalfont St Peter [P0208]  
  BKM Charteridge [P0605]  
  BKM Chenies [P0245]  
  BKM Chesham [P0188]  
  BKM Chesham Bois [P0215]  
  BKM Coieshill [P0180]  
  BKM CoJeshill [P0384]  
  BKMColeshill [P0404]  
  BKM Coleshill [P0012]  
  BKM Coleshitl [P0380]  
  BKM ColeshiU [P0413]  
  BKM Coteshill [P0414]  
  BKM Downley [P0463]  
  BKM Ellesborough [P0152]  
  BKM Frog Halt [P0367]  
  BKM Gerrards Cross [P0327]  
  BKM Great Brickhill [P0307]  
  BKM Great Hampden [P0185]  
  BKM Great Marlow [P0242]  
  BKM Great Missenden [P0158]  
  BKM Haddenham [P0220]  
  BKM Hambleden [P0505]  
  BKM Hampden [P0598]  
  BKM Hedgerley [P0431]  
  BKM HighWycombe [P0487]  
  BKM High Wycombe [P0240]  
  BKM Holmer Green [P0234]  
  BKM Hughenden [P0528]  
  BKM Hyde Heath [P0488]  
  BKM Kingshill [P0335]  
  BKM Langley Marsh [P0504]  
  BKM Ley Hill [P0484]  
  BKM Little Marlow [P0362]  
  BKM Little Missenden [P0164]  
  BKM Long Crendon [P0514]  
  BKM Loudwater [P0454]  
  BKM Marlow [P0184]  
  BKM Naphill [P0609]  
  BKM Penn [P0175]  
  BKM Penn Street [P0212]  
  BKM Radnage [P0217]  
  BKM Salt Hill [P0611]  
  BKM SeerGreen [P0151]  
  BKM Seer Green [P0003]  
  BKM SeerGrei [P0570]  
  BKM Shipton [P0352]  
  BKM Stewkley [P0229]  
  BKM Stoke Mandeville [P0585]  
  BKM Stokenchurch [P0387]  
  BKM Tingewick [P0358]  
  BKM Upton Lee [P0205]  
  BKM Wendover [P0288]  
  BKM West Wycombe [P0336]  
  BKM Winchmore Hill [P0211]  
  BKM Wooburn [P0269]  
  Blackthorn [P0342]  
  Bladworth, Notts [P0055]  
  Bledlow [P0104]  
  Bledlow Ridge [P0160]  
  Bognor, Sussex [P0037]  
  Bond St. London [P0551]  
  Bovingdon, Herts [P0061]  
  Bowers Farm, Coleshill [P0231]  
  Bradfield [P0623]  
  Brentford [P0619]  
  Brickwick [P0351]  
  Brighton [P0604]  
  Brightstone, IOW [P0143]  
  Brill [P0248]  
  Bristol, Glos. [P0531]  
  Brixton London [P0108]  
  Brixton, London SW [P0074]  
  BRK Bradfield [P0395]  
  BRK Hardwick [P0502]  
  BRK Hungerford [P0393]  
  BRK Maidenhed [P0496]  
  BRK Reading [P0378]  
  Bromley, Kent [P0004]  
  Bromley, Staffordshire [P0522]  
  Bromsgrove [P0123]  
  Buckelbury [P0333]  
  Buckingham [P0006]  
  Buckland [P0374]  
  Buckland Common [P0090]  
  Bucks [P0097]  
  Bucks Chesham [P0018]  
  Bucks Coleshill [P0040]  
  Bucks High Wycombe [P0101]  
  Bucks Hughenden [P0073]  
  Bucks Penn [P0132]  
  Bucks Seer Green Beaconsfield [P0050]  
  Bucks Tyler Green [P0014]  
  Bucks UK [P0448]  
  Bucks Winchmore Hill [P0064]  
  BUK [P0216]  
  BUK 3 Households [P0357]  
  BUK Akeley [P0276]  
  BUK Amersham [P0155]  
  BUK Amer sham [P0165]  
  BUK Beaconsfield [P0321]  
  BUK Bradwell [P0422]  
  BUK Brays Green [P0389]  
  BUK Chalfont St Giles [P0218]  
  BUK Chalfont St Peter [P0567]  
  BUK Chartridge [P0330]  
  BUK Cheddington [P0236]  
  BUK Chesham [P0260]  
  BUK Chesham Bois [P0309]  
  BUK Coleshil [P0439]  
  BUK Coleshill [P0163]  
  BUK Cores End [P0536]  
  BUK Croughton [P0523]  
  BUK Ellesborough [P0355]  
  BUK Farnham Royal [P0512]  
  BUK Granborough [P0207]  
  BUK Great Missenden [P0424]  
  BUK Gt Missenden [P0202]  
  BUK High Wycombe [P0361]  
  BUK Holmer Green [P0442]  
  BUK Hyde Heath [P0379]  
  BUK Lee [P0447]  
  BUK Little Kingshill [P0474]  
  BUK Little Missenden [P0334]  
  BUK Lower Winchenden [P0510]  
  BUK Lt Missenden [P0259]  
  BUK Nash [P0261]  
  BUK Penn [P0177]  
  BUK Penn Street [P0198]  
  BUK Seer Green [P0167]  
  BUK Stone [P0461]  
  BUK Winchmore Hill [P0298]  
  BUK Wolverton [P0597]  
  BUK Woodrow [P0315]  
  BUK Woodrow Amersham [P0159]  
  BUK Wycome [P0293]  
  Buntingford Herts [P0093]  
  Burkham [P0435]  
  Burnham [P0559]  
  Burnham Gore [P0272]  
  Butcombe, Somerset [P0030]  
C Cadmore End [P0538]  
  Calcutta, India [P0085]  
  Cambs, Sawston [P0469]  
  CAN [P0297]  
  Canterbury [P0591]  
  Cape Town [P0071]  
  Carnoustie NB [P0141]  
  Ceylon, Colombo [P0137]  
  Chalfont [P0224]  
  Chalfont St Giles [P0173]  
  Chalfont St. Giles [P0534]  
  Chalfont St Peter [P0580]  
  Chalfont St. Peter [P0370]  
  Chenies [P0247]  
  Chertsey [P0637]  
  Chertsey, Surrey [P0114]  
  Chesham [P0021]  
  Cheshire, Halton [P0111]  
  Cheshire Hertford [P0098]  
  Cheshire Weaverham [P0045]  
  Cheshunt [P0410]  
  Chester [P0614]  
  Chilton, Berks [P0031]  
  Chinnor Hill [P0403]  
  Chiswick [P0024]  
  Cholesbury [P0120]  
  CHS High Legh [P0612]  
  CHS Little Budworth [P0577]  
  City of London [P0475]  
  Clapham [P0144]  
  Clapham, Surrey [P0134]  
  Clevedon, Somerset [P0138]  
  Cobdock [P0237]  
  Coleshill [P0000]  
  Colnbrook [P0302]  
  CON Falmouth [P0532]  
  Cotts Hill, Norfolk [P0250]  
  Cowfold, Sussex [P0106]  
  Cranford [P0226]  
  Croydon [P0083]  
  Cullompton, Devon [P0516]  
D Dalston, London [P0094]  
  Devon East Prowlekingsbridge [P0543]  
  DOR Puddletown [P0501]  
  DOR Sherborne [P0199]  
  DOR Weymouth [P0537]  
  Dovercourt [P0314]  
  Dunton, Bucks [P0053]  
E Ealing [P0102]  
  East Born [P0223]  
  Ellesborough [P0154]  
  Elmham, Norfolk [P0105]  
  Essex, Copford [P0527]  
  ESS Waltham Abbey [P0506]  
  Eton [P0622]  
F Farlington, Sussex [P0497]  
  Farnham [P0592]  
  Farnham, Bucks [P0009]  
  Faversham, Kent [P0382]  
  Feltwell, Norfolk [P0027]  
  Forty Green [P0399]  
  Forty Green Penn [P0273]  
  Fridwell, Northamptonshire [P0432]  
G Glamorgan Swansea [P0115]  
  Gloucestershire Cirencester [P0113]  
  GLS Clifton [P0599]  
  Goudhurst Kent [P0069]  
  Great Kingshill [P0235]  
  Great Marlow [P0464]  
  Great Missenden [P0319]  
  Gr. Missenden [P0008]  
  Gt. Kingshill [P0587]  
  Gt Missenden [P0176]  
  Guisborough [P0626]  
H Haborough, Lincolnshire [P0420]  
  Hackney, London [P0084]  
  Hackney, Middlesex [P0210]  
  Haddenham [P0029]  
  HAM Cove [P0371]  
  Ham, Herts [P0056]  
  Hampden [P0365]  
  Hampstead [P0119]  
  Hampstead, Mdx [P0007]  
  HAM Southampton [P0492]  
  HAM Stratfield Sa^ [P0323]  
  HAM Stratfield Saye [P0191]  
  Hants, Old Basing [P0340]  
  Hanwell, Middx [P0099]  
  Harpenden [P0127]  
  Hastings [P0060]  
  Havens Orchorch [P0563]  
  Hawridge [P0095]  
  Heath End Herts [P0026]  
  HEF [P0375]  
  HEF Bromyard [P0409]  
  Hemel Hempstead [P0363]  
  Hemel Hemstead [P0588]  
  Henly on Thames [P0252]  
  Herts, Breachwood Grn [P0356]  
  Herts/Bucks [P0088]  
  Herts, Wheathamptead [P0350]  
  Herts, Wigginton [P0558]  
  Hide Heath [P0301]  
  Highbury [P0136]  
  High Wycombe [P0117]  
  Hobbs Hole [P0110]  
  Holborn [P0116]  
  Holborn, London [P0209]  
  Holmer Green [P0485]  
  Horsham [P0445]  
  HRT Childwick [P0539]  
  HRT Coleshil [P0490]  
  HRT Coleshill [P0157]  
  HRT Coleshill [P0549]  
  HRT Gustardwood [P0455]  
  HRT Hatfield [P0253]  
  HRT Langley [P0515]  
  HRT Northchurch [P0178]  
  HRT Preston [P0170]  
  HRT St Albans [P0372]  
  HRT Standon [P0473]  
  Hughenden [P0299]  
  Hughendon [P0036]  
  Hyde Heath [P0079]  
I IDI [P0303]  
  INI [P0306]  
  Isle of Wight [P0618]  
  Isle of Wight, Ryde [P0213]  
  Islington [P0020]  
  Islington, Middlesex [P0524]  
  Ivingow [P0182]  
K KEN North Fleet [P0453]  
  Kensington [P0629]  
  Kent, Brabourne St [P0518]  
  Kent Halstead [P0139]  
  Kent, Halstead [P0425]  
  Kent, Lee [P0544]  
  Kent, Penge [P0103]  
  Kingsey [P0287]  
  Kingshall [P0394]  
  Kingshill [P0230]  
  Kirkmichael I.O.M. Resident [P0122]  
  KNT Maidstone [P0606]  
L Lambeth [P0616]  
  Langley [P0449]  
  LAN Manchester [P0456]  
  LAN North Manchester [P0275]  
  Lawrance Waltham, Berkshire [P0246]  
  LDN City [P0270]  
  Lee [P0590]  
  Leeds, Barrahs Rd [P0561]  
  Leics, Medbourne [P0181]  
  Leics Melton Mowbray [P0068]  
  Leighton N Wales [P0096]  
  Leighton, Welshpool [P0129]  
  Leyiaate Norfolk [P0080]  
  Leyton Essex [P0048]  
  Lidlington [P0343]  
  Linley Moor, Dorset [P0271]  
  Little Kingshill [P0277]  
  Little Marlow [P0579]  
  Little Missenden [P0017]  
  Liverpool [P0121]  
  L. Missenden [P0486]  
  LND Blackfnars Road [P0265]  
  LND Blackfriers Road [P0238]  
  LND Hackney [P0430]  
  LND London [P0434]  
  LND Paddington [P0281]  
  LND Regents Park [P0267]  
  LND St. Pancras [P0316]  
  Lois Weedon [P0107]  
  London [P0126]  
  London, Belgravia [P0541]  
  London, Bloomsbury [P0300]  
  London City [P0057]  
  London, Clapham [P0326]  
  London E [P0039]  
  London, Hackney [P0610]  
  London, Hoxton [P0493]  
  London, Lambeth [P0613]  
  London, Marylebone [P0174]  
  London, Middlesex [P0282]  
  London, Newington [P0542]  
  London, NW [P0601]  
  London, Paddington [P0478]  
  London, Peckham [P0458]  
  London, S Hampstead [P0540]  
  London, St Georges [P0429]  
  London, St Giles Parish [P0149]  
  London, St Marylebone [P0346]  
  London, St Pancras [P0052]  
  London, Westbourne Pk [P0305]  
  London, Westminster [P0450]  
  London, Willesden [P0286]  
  Long Crendon [P0222]  
  Lower Winchimkto [P0318]  
  Lt Hampden [P0364]  
  Lt. Hampden [P0195]  
  Lt Missenden [P0112]  
M Marsh Gibbon [P0405]  
  Marylebone [P0044]  
  Mayfield, Sussex [P0589]  
  MDX Brentford [P0153]  
  MDX Hampton [P0575]  
  MDX Harrow [P0264]  
  MDX Hornsey [P0498]  
  MDX Kentish Town [P0406]  
  MDX London [P0583]  
  MDX Marylebone [P0444]  
  MDX Paddington [P0578]  
  MDX Staines [P0554]  
  MDX St George [P0582]  
  MDX St Luke [P0193]  
  MDX St Pancras [P0196]  
  MDX Tottenham [P0283]  
  MDX Willesden [P0489]  
  MDX Winchmore Hill [P0166]  
  MDX Wmchmore Hill [P0555]  
  Meadle [P0251]  
  Melbourne, Austria [P0392]  
  Middlesex UK [P0481]  
  Middx, Acton [P0451]  
  Middx, Hampton [P0289]  
  Middx, Harefield [P0556]  
  Middx, Harrow [P0310]  
  Middx, Hayes [P0255]  
  Middx, Isleworth [P0573]  
  Middx, Islingotn [P0427]  
  Middx, Ruislip [P0386]  
  Middx, Staines [P0470]  
  MID Hendon [P0347]  
  MID London [P0278]  
  MID London Notting Hill [P0201]  
  Midlothian, Murrayfield [P0546]  
  MID Marlebone [P0533]  
  MID Paddington [P0437]  
  MID Potters Bar [P0411]  
  MID Uxbridge [P0499]  
  Missenden [P0332]  
  MLN Edinburgh [P0574]  
  Montgomery, Mochdre [P0046]  
  Mop End [P0311]  
  Mursley [P0360]  
N Nash [P0172]  
  NBL Wooler [P0465]  
  Nettlebed [P0446]  
  Nettlebed, Oxfordshire [P0279]  
  Newport Pagnell [P0627]  
  NFK East Dereham [P0552]  
  NFK West Tofts [P0576]  
  Norfolk Downham [P0581]  
  Norfolk, Gt Yarmouth [P0353]  
  Northallton [P0385]  
  Northants, Guilsborough [P0568]  
  North Britain, Glasgow [P0509]  
  Northchurch, Hampshire [P0194]  
  Norwich [P0483]  
  Not Known [P0124]  
  NRH [P0466]  
  Nr Lincoln [P0047]  
  NRT Higham Ferrers [P0428]  
  NTH Boddington [P0513]  
  NTH Croughton [P0285]  
  NTH Over Thorpe [P0388]  
  NTH Stuchbury [P0526]  
O Oakley, Oxfordshire [P0547]  
  Oving [P0480]  
  OXF [P0290]  
  OXF Bodicote [P0572]  
  OXF Broughton [P0241]  
  OXF Cowley [P0373]  
  OXF Godington [P0562]  
  OXF Great Milton [P0206]  
  OXF Henley [P0249]  
  OXF Lewknor [P0441]  
  OXF Mixbury [P0339]  
  OXF Nettlebed [P0369]  
  OXF Newton Purcell [P0228]  
  Oxfordshire, Seldon [P0553]  
  OXF Radnage [P0381]  
  OXF Standlake [P0345]  
  OXF Stokenchurch [P0341]  
  OXFWatlington [P0197]  
  OXF Watlington [P0517]  
  OXF Wheatley [P0161]  
P Paigntoi* [P0421]  
  Passenham, Northamptonshire [P0511]  
  Penmachno [P0564]  
  Penn [P0010]  
  Penn Bottom [P0482]  
  Penn St [P0426]  
  Penn Street [P0023]  
  Pennwick, Bucks [P0128]  
  Pepper [P0291]  
  Perth, Scotland [P0059]  
  Peterborough, Northamptonshire [P0244]  
  Pewsey [P0638]  
  Plumstead Kent [P0150]  
  Poplar [P0615]  
  Prestwood [P0169]  
  Princes Risborough [P0569]  
  Prs. Risborough [P0594]  
  Putney, Surrey [P0077]  
R Radnage [P0530]  
  Rapley [P0313]  
  Reading [P0256]  
  Reigate [P0631]  
  Risborough [P0274]  
  Rowsham [P0187]  
  Rudge, Summerset [P0058]  
  Russia, Odessa [P0560]  
  Russia, Riga (British Subject) [P0436]  
  Rutland, Uppingham [P0635]  
  RUT Uppingham [P0239]  
S SAL Cardington [P0443]  
  SAL Hope Minsterley [P0294]  
  SAL Leebotwood [P0407]  
  SAL Montford [P0595]  
  Salop, Shrewsbury [P0507]  
  SAL Smarwardine [P0603]  
  Sawston Cambs [P0005]  
  Scotland, Edinburgh [P0312]  
  Scotland, Glasgow [P0402]  
  SCT [P0348]  
  SFK Bedfield [P0529]  
  SFK Bilbra? [P0459]  
  SFK Ipswich [P0204]  
  SFK Newmarket [P0460]  
  SFK Wanaford [P0295]  
  Sharps Hill [P0325]  
  Sheffield, Yorkshire [P0308]  
  Shenley [P0566]  
  Shooters Hill London SE [P0066]  
  Silchester [P0396]  
  SOM Bridgewater [P0284]  
  Somerset North Cheriton [P0142]  
  Somersetshire Cirencester [P0022]  
  Somerset Woolston North Cadbury [P0130]  
  SOM Wellington [P0550]  
  Southampton [P0397]  
  Southgate [P0033]  
  Southwark [P0135]  
  Speen [P0266]  
  SRY [P0607]  
  SRY Camberwell [P0390]  
  SRY Clapham [P0376]  
  SRY Guildford [P0593]  
  SRY Ockham [P0418]  
  SRY Penge [P0548]  
  SRY Stockwell [P0471]  
  SRY Vauxhall [P0162]  
  SRY Walton [P0317]  
  SSX South Hading [P0257]  
  Staines [P0632]  
  St Albans [P0349]  
  Stepney, London [P0100]  
  STF Tamworth [P0338]  
  St Marylebone [P0131]  
  St Mary’s Amersham [P0620]  
  Stoke [P0344]  
  Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire [P0391]  
  Stone [P0072]  
  Stowe [P0383]  
  Strand [P0630]  
  STS Burton on Trent [P0331]  
  STS Cradley [P0584]  
  STS Newchapel [P0520]  
  STS Not stated [P0519]  
  STS Wendesbury [P0557]  
  Suffolk [P0457]  
  Suffolk Debenham [P0015]  
  Suffolk, Pakenham [P0001]  
  Suffolk, Stowlangtoft [P0525]  
  SUR Battersea [P0359]  
  Surbiton, Surrey [P0125]  
  SUR Lambeth Hospital [P0440]  
  Surrey [P0328]  
  Surrey Addlestone [P0189]  
  Surrey Camberwell [P0145]  
  Surrey, Chilworth [P0423]  
  Surrey Earlswood [P0051]  
  Surrey Lambeth [P0067]  
  Surrey, Walworth [P0221]  
  Surrey, W Clandon [P0467]  
  Surrey, Weybridge [P0190]  
  Surrey, Wimbledon [P0479]  
  SUR Wimbledon [P0200]  
  Sussex, Cuckfield [P0500]  
  Sussex, Hastings [P0565]  
  SUT [P0608]  
  Swanbourne [P0081]  
  Switzerland, Gorgier [P0354]  
  Switzerland Resident [P0041]  
T Taunton, Suffolk [P0070]  
  Thame [P0633]  
  Three Households [P0433]  
  Tottenham, Middx [P0032]  
  Turweston [P0398]  
  Tylers Green [P0075]  
  Tylers Green Penn [P0503]  
U Upper Tooting [P0091]  
  USA [P0148]  
  Uxbridge, Middlesex [P0324]  
W Waddesdon [P0491]  
  Wadhurst, Sussex [P0227]  
  Walmer, Kent [P0013]  
  Wandsworth [P0617]  
  WAR Acton [P0602]  
  WAR Birmingham [P0243]  
  WAR Birminghan [P0377]  
  Warelden Gate [P0092]  
  WAR Leamington [P0495]  
  WAR Solihull [P0078]  
  Watford [P0366]  
  Watlington [P0268]  
  Weedon, Northamptonshire [P0254]  
  Wellwyn [P0280]  
  Welwyn [P0417]  
  Wendover [P0232]  
  WES Brough [P0408]  
  West Ham [P0639]  
  West Indies, Jamaica [P0508]  
  Westmorland, Landford [P0065]  
  West Wycombe [P0168]  
  Weymouth [P0624]  
  Wheatley [P0494]  
  Wheildan Lane [P0337]  
  WIL Salisbury [P0545]  
  Winchmore Hill [P0028]  
  Winchmore Hill Amersham [P0087]  
  Winchmore Hill, Penn [P0147]  
  Wingrave, Bucks [P0140]  
  Winslow [P0621]  
  Witshire Bishopstone [P0019]  
  Witton North Walsham [P0076]  
  Wolverton, Shorwell, Isle Of Wight [P0086]  
  Woodbridge, Suffolk [P0049]  
  Woodrow [P0258]  
  Woolwich, Kent [P0025]  
  Worrcester [P0082]  
  Wotton, Surrey [P0063]  
  Wrabness [P0183]  
  Wrabness, Essex [P0263]  
  Wrocester Shrewsbury [P0118]  
  Wycombe [P0011]  
  Wycombe Marsh [P0179]  
Y YKS Aldborough [P0476]  
  YKS Eston [P0292]  
  YKS Normanby [P0416]  
  YKS Swainby [P0320]  
  Young Heath, Oxfordshire [P0600]