This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Shrimpton. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Ada [I0025] 1872     Shrimpton, George Barnes, Esther
Agnes [I0033] 1879     Shrimpton, Thomas Wingrove, Matilda
Alice [I0104] 1872     Shrimpton, Frederick Shrimpton (m), Esther
Ann [I0178] 1786   Muckley, Thomas [I2428]  
Annie L [I0238] 1882     Shrimpton, Frederick Shrimpton (m), Esther
Arthur [I0267] 1875     Shrimpton, William Linford, Ann
Arthur [I0266] 1864     Shrimpton, George Paradine, Sarah
Catherine [I0350] 1875     Shrimpton, Frederick Shrimpton (m), Esther
Charles [I0405] 1879     Shrimpton, William Muckley, Janet
Charles [I3353] 1789      
Daisy [I0457] 1885     Shrimpton, Thomas Wingrove, Matilda
Elizabeth [I0717] 1800   Smith, William [I2677]  
Ellen [I0771] 1877     Shrimpton, William Linford, Ann
Ernest [I0496] 1890     Shrimpton, William Muckley, Janet
Ernest Frederick [I0877] 1877     Shrimpton, Frederick Shrimpton (m), Esther
Esther [I0887] 1867   Bowler, Matthew [I2013] Shrimpton, George Shrimpton (m), Harriet
Eva [I0897] 1888     Shrimpton, William Muckley, Janet
Frank [I0973] 1885     Shrimpton, Frederick Shrimpton (m), Esther
Frederick [I1006] 1871     Shrimpton, William Linford, Ann
Frederick [I1005] 1845   Shrimpton (m), Esther [I0888] Shrimpton (m), Emma [I3197]  
George [I2749] 1835   Paradine, Sarah [I2281]  
George [I1115] 1833   Shrimpton (m), Harriet [I1196] Barnes, Esther [I0878] Shrimpton (m), Charlotte [I0437] Shrimpton, George Burnham, Mary A
George [I1113] 1806   Burnham, Mary A [I1974]  
George Nash [I1116] 1870     Shrimpton, Frederick Shrimpton (m), Esther
Hannah [I1171] 1868     Shrimpton, George Shrimpton (m), Harriet
Harriet [I1195] 1869     Shrimpton, William Linford, Ann
Harry [I1223] 1874     Shrimpton, George Shrimpton (m), Charlotte
Henry [I1303] 1810     Shrimpton, Robert Saunders, Ann
Hubert [I1338] 1862     Shrimpton, George Paradine, Sarah
John [I1597] 1834     Shrimpton, George Burnham, Mary A
John [I2711] 1833     Shrimpton (m), Elizabeth
Julia [I1677] 1865     Shrimpton, Frederick Shrimpton (m), Esther
Kate [I2750] 1868     Shrimpton, George Paradine, Sarah
Kate [I1692] 1870     Shrimpton, George Shrimpton (m), Harriet
Kitty [I1700] 1837     Shrimpton, George Burnham, Mary A
Lucy [I1762] 1802   Rogers, John [I1586]  
Margaret [I1790] 1879     Shrimpton, Frederick Shrimpton (m), Esther
Martha [I1817] 1803   Ivory, Daniel [I0463]  
Mary [I1973] 1841     Shrimpton, George Burnham, Mary A
May [I3233] 1887   Payne, Sidney [I2332]  
Minnie [I2041] 1870     Shrimpton, George Paradine, Sarah
Reginald [I2113] 1888     Shrimpton, Thomas Wingrove, Matilda
Robert [I2724]     Saunders, Ann [I0197]  
Samuel [I2199] 1810      
Sarah [I2302] 1868     Shrimpton, Frederick Shrimpton (m), Esther
Susan [I2361] 1877   Appleby, George [I1024] Shrimpton, George Shrimpton (m), Charlotte
Thomas [I2455] 1844   Wingrove, Matilda [I2012]  
Thomas [I2456] 1848      
William [I2665] 1839   Linford, Ann [I0174]  
William [I2668] 1885     Shrimpton, Frederick Shrimpton (m), Esther
William [I2664] 1786     Shrimpton, Robert Saunders, Ann
William [I2663] 1781      
William [I2667] 1876     Shrimpton, William Muckley, Janet
William [I2666] 1850   Muckley, Janet [I1481] Shrimpton, George Burnham, Mary A