The Wesleyan church in Fagnall Lane was opened in 1861, the same year in which the Primitive Methodists, another branch of Methodism,  also built a church at Winchmore Hill. The Wesleyan Methodist church was extended in 1884 as evidenced by the foundation stones still existing.

Doctrinal differences between the major Methodist churches in England were overcome in 1932 when the Wesleyan Methodists combined with the Primitive Methodists and United Methodists to form one national church. In Winchmore Hill, services were held on alternate Sundays in the two churches, but this was not a success, so the united congregation decided to meet at the former Primitive Methodist Church.

The Wesleyan Church was sold to the Church of England in 1937 and became the St Andrew's mission church. However, the church was never well supported and in 1999 it was sold and rebuilt as a private house.