This section of the website allows you to explore the people of Coleshill and their interrelationships.

Use the links in the menu on the left to browse each of the eight national censuses of Coleshill.

The first column of each of the census tables shows a household number (eg H27). These can be used to cross reference individuals in the Genealogy sections. The two right-hand most columns show the maiden names and marriage dates of married women where these are known. This information is not taken directly from the census.

The Genealogy Link  takes you to the database of Coleshill residents derived mainly from the census material.

The Ancestry Chart is a powerful evocation of the relationships between the families of Coleshill. Only individuals with at least one family link are shown. Each family is represented by a yellow oval. Each pair of parents is indicated by arrows pointing into an oval and their children are represented by arrows pointing away from the oval.

To view the Ancestry Chart, Adobe Acrobat Reader  must be installed on your computer. You can use Acrobat's search feature to locate individuals in the chart. Also, you can click over any pink or blue box to display that individual's page in the genealogy database.

The genealogical information on this site is regularly updated as new information becomes available.

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