Stockings is a common name across England for land cleared of tree stumps. Stockings Farm is still surrounded by woodland and it is easy to imagine a medieval farmer taking in land from the forest. When the farm was acquired by William Drake of Shardeloes in 1637, it still had over 60 acres of woodland. Unlike Brentford Barn, it was not sold off, but instead was leased to Walter Tredway for 99 years. It was described as:

All that Messuage or Tenement with the appurtenances called or known by the name of Stockings wherein the said Walter Tredway now dwelleth situate and being in the parish of Amersham County Herts 

Stockings farm was evidently a fine house for the occupant paid tax on six hearths in 1662. In 1805, the farm formed part of a Drake family settlement. It was described as:

...... Farm called Stockins Farm in hamlet of Coleshill, Herts, with messuages etc. which said lands and premises are known by the names of the Home Meadow, Long Orchard, Bavias, Spring Field, Further Grove Field, Middle Grove Field, Nearer Grove Field, Nearer Long Lay, Further Long Lay, Nine Acres, by Fens, Deans Row, the Graveley Field, Whelpleys Plot, the Lagg, Little Kitchen Field, Great Kitchen Field, Further Well Field, Nearer Well Field, Carthouse Field, Upper High Field, Lower High Field and Fens Dean Field by Larkins Green and contain 164acres 2roods 36perches, late in the occupation of William Babb and now of John Keen as tenant to said Thomas Drake Tyrwhitt Drake

Also arable fields called the High Fields in said hamlet of Coleshill called by the names of the North High Field, the West High Field, the Middle High Field, the East High Field including the road and contains in the whole 19acres 3roods l7 perches, late in the occupation of Thomas Kitchenman and now of said John Keene as tenant to Thomas Drake Tyrwhitt Drake.

In 1929, the Drakes sold Stockings farm to Lord Burnham, owner of Hall Barn in Beaconsfield. It was subsequently purchased by Buckinghamshire County Council as part of their green belt estate. The farmhouse has now been sold off and the land is farmed from a cottage built by the County Council about 1960.