Little Lands is a relatively modern name for one of several new farms built by the lord of the manor, George Coleshill, in the early 17th century. In 1681, the farm and nearby tile kiln was bought by Nathaniel Ball of Brentford Barn. There is a date 1687 picked out in blue-fired headers in the brickwork of the south east wing. Nathaniel Ball built another house (now known as Stock Cottage) nearer to the common. This has an elaborate oval plaque with the date NB 1692. As the Balls had an ample farm at Brentford Barn, this house may have been intended as a place of retirement. Nathaniel Ball died in 1724. The farm was purchased in 1761 by Earl Howe, and was for many years farmed by William Parslow. After Parslow's death, the land was farmed by the owner of nearby Lands Farm, hence its modern name.