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allsaints_churchThroughout its history, Coleshill has been part of the parish of Amersham. The soil of the churchyard probably represents the unimproved ground of the original clearing on which Coleshill was founded. For 1000 years there was nothing to disturb the peace except the munching of cattle. As early as 1649 Coleshill people were expressing the wish to have a church of their own – ‘the inhabitants earnestly desiring the same’, as it was recorded, but they had to wait over 200 years before their desire was gratified.

Then the Lord of the manor gave a small triangle from the northern tip of the common to the churchwardens of Amersham to meet the wish expressed as long ago as 1649 for a church for the villagers of Coleshill.

Through the generosity of the Drake family and other local benefactors, the architect George Street, a distinguished exponent of neo-Gothic, was commissioned to design and build the church which was completed in 1856. The church has the beautiful proportions and unpretentious detail for which Street’s work is admired, and has been praised by Sir John Betjeman. The brick was made locally and the stone brought by river to Windsor, and thence by cart.

The two-manual pipe organ is considered to be a distinguished instrument and is constantly maintained in excellent order.

Parish Administrator Mrs Dorothy Potter Tel: 01494-729380
Rector Rev'd Jonny Rapson  
Hon Associate Rector Rev’d Tim Barnard  
Hon Associate Rector Rev’d Sue Gill   
Church Wardens Dr Petrina Clackett  
  Dr Jane McNeilly  
Parish Deputy Treasurer Mr Peter Clackett  
Hon Secretary Mr Chris Wege  
Organist & Music Director Mrs Ruth Murphy  
Sacristan Mrs Dumpy Swerling  
Church Flowers Mrs Rosemary Valentine  


Further information, including details of services, can be found on the St Mary's Church, Amersham & All Saints’ website:-




War Memorial Picture by Frank Auton 6-6-2003


News from All Saints - Autumn-Winter 2021

Revd Tim Harper has retired from the parish. He was meant to leave in 2020, but chose to stay on through the “Lock Down” period. His final services were at Easter 2021 and he then took a sabbatical and finally left the parish in August 2021. The parish is now in interregnum awaiting the appointment of a successor. This process is currently ongoing and we hope that a new Rector may be appointed by Mid 2022. All Saint’s however continues to be supported by the two Associate Rectors, Rev. Tim Barnard and Rev. Sue Gill, who between them continue to provide pastoral support for everybody who is in need.


There is a small resident choir in the church who sing at most services. We are always looking for additional members. Please contact Ruth Murphy should you be interested. You do not need to be religious, you only need to want to sing.


Within the church we have a group of dedicated ladies who decorate the church superbly according to the themes of the season. There are also opportunities for personal remembrance, for example, at Easter it is possible mark the memory of a loved one through the donation of £3 for a lily. Please contact Judi Herbert on 01494 433534 for further information.

Coffee and Biscuits

Our thanks go to Dumpy Swerling and many other ladies for the endless coffee and biscuits, however during this time of Covid we have been forced to suspend the after-service coffees. We hope to re-instate this when the pandemic has subsided.

Churchyard Trees

We have recently had the trees in the Churchyard pruned, to remove dead branches and tidy them up. Due to safety reasons we also had to fell a large diseased ash tree on the edge of the churchyard, adjacent to the bus stop. We are now awaiting the planting of two native species to replace this tree.


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