Lilian Easter was a teacher at the village school in the 1920's. She married Henry Muckley, the local builder in 1929. She was his third wife and he was 70 at the time of the marriage. They went on to have a son, Tom Muckley, whose widow has kindly donated some documents and memorabilia to this project.

Lilian Easter's other son Ronald recounts,

"She went to Coleshill as an infants' teacher, and took lodgings with Mrs Barber, who was the widow of a soldier who had been killed fighting in India.   The eldest child, called Tony, was in the Household Cavalry, and the younger, called Roma, was at school with me. She had a bungalow near the Water Tower - a fair walk to school. I imagine that Uncle Henry picked her up in the car and gave her a lift to school once or twice, and that things developed from there. After all, he had to go past the bungalow quite often on the way to business in Amersham. There is a photograph of Uncle Henry with mum sitting on a seat in the garden at View Mount soon after they were married.   They both looked very happy, holding hands like young lovers."

The following pages show Lilian's contract of emplyment at the village school.


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